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The surgery will be dealing with EMERGENCIES ONLY on Thursday 1st March and Friday 2nd March due to adverse weather conditions that have been forecast. 

If you have a routine ailment that can wait until surgery can resume to normal working order next week, we would be very grateful if you could support us during this unexpected period and avoid attending the surgery. 

If you do not need emergency medical treatment or attention, please stay at home in the warm until the snow has cleared. 

Please take the following into consideration;

• Unsafe weather conditions (red and amber warnings) 

• Extremely cold, icy, windy weather conditions creating unsafe travelling on foot - stay at home unless it is absolutely necessary

• The GPs are not local so they may be delayed or even have difficulty in travelling to the surgery

• Difficulty with travelling in relation to home visits, prescription collections via pharmacies.

• The possibility that we will be short staffed due to weather conditions (please bear with us if you do need to contact us, we will try and deal with any queries as efficiently and quickly as possible with the staff we have available to assist you)

Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away!
Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away!